West Kewa - English


titin. 1sorrow. syn: odo pia 1 ; syn: yara pea . 2mercy.
tiwarakuacassowary tail used in certain dances, usually by visiting strangers. n.
toWES(to-yogane) n. 1the body of a person. Nipuna tore ipa yabaaria His body is shriveled up 2the trunk of a tree.
to iri rekeato have the hair stand up. ajp. syn: to madaa iri rekea .
to kadipi aahalfcast, offspring of European and native. ajp.
to madaa iri rekeato have the hair stand on end as in a time of intense fear. ajp. syn: to iri rekea .
to madaa pati iribody hair. np.
to pora poraringworm. np.
to robeato be pregnant. ajp.
to wanini aaproud. [ie pleased with his own body]. np. agaa adaapu teapulu nipu ora to wanini aa because he speaks a lot he is a proud man
toae toae ta(leru leru la; mumu la; sese ta; koa koa ko ta; tete ta; bua bua ta) the cry of parrots as they fly. ajp.
togesoftwood tree variety. n. gen: repena .
tole piatongue-tied, as with a disability. v. syn: eke yabili pia .
tole tole toto ta
tole-agaastuttering. NounC. wh: agaa 1 .
tolo tolo tathe sound of wild cane crackling as it burns. ajp.
Tomasthe apostle Thomas. nprop.
tomatothe common inroduced tomato. [Lucopersicon esculentum]. n.
toniniall over the body. ajp.
tosiflashlight. n.
toto pea(emelalu pea) v. 1to be dizzy. niri toto pua yaina omalo I am dizzy so I'm sick inipara toto mapaasa appear weak from not eating 2to be drunk.
toto ta(tele tele ta; tole tole) the noise of something approaching. v.
toyoa type of hardwood tree. n. gen: repena .
to-yogane to
tu lopaato kill and dispose of. vp.