West Kewa - English


tene-yoten kina. NounC.
tepo tepo ta1noise from cracking nuts with the teeth. ajp. 2noise of pig fat frying. n. syn: lele ta .
terethe hole in a man's nose for a stick ornament. n.
tere-wareglasses. NounC.
tere-warebutton. NounC.
tesini-ada(sasani ada) station, mission house; any group of houses built in a line. NounC.
teta bulataba
tetea small type of pig flea. n.
tetesoftwood tree variety whose bark is used to make pig tether. n. gen: repena .
tete ta toae toae ta
te-tolestream dwelling bird variety; resembles oboro insect. n. gen: yaa .
tewafern variety. n. gen: ega .
titea. n. tiri kapopara mea paba fill up the tea cup
tibametype of eating banana. n. gen: aai .
tidaWStraditional tale. n. syn: iti ; syn: iti .
tigasoftwood tree variety with ladder-like branches; used for wrapping sugar cane. n. gen: repena .
tigsaSplant variety. n. gen: repena .
tiniany tin can or container. n. nina tini pe raputea my container has a hole in it
tipawild reed for skirts. n. syn: kalia-tipa .
tipulaa tipula
tipula(tipulaa) jail. n.
tirimanoany agricultural officer. n.
tisaateacher. n. syn: agaa malape aa .
TisaaRabbi. n.
titasorry about. adv. Neme aa meda tatame omalua I am sorry for someone else