West Kewa - English


paemarks the sentence/clause as a question. adv. syn: palo .
paemarker for alt sentences. n. nipu puaa pae napua pae marea I don't know if he went or not
paeEn. 1cheek. 2twenty-one in the body tally system.
pae aa aalo pa
paenaleaves enclosing fruit. n.
pagaalisten for something. v.
pagaapanga sia Sto tuck under. v. nina mone neme aakopara pagaa hide my money in your bark belt mapagaa yae something for putting articles in
pagaa pia(pada pia) to be pregnant. [animals]. v. syn: padaa pia .
pagaa sato hide. v.
pagaatepayou all listen for something on behalf of someone. v. ant: pagalepa .
pagaatepapeyou all listen for something now. v. kiapo epaliapulu waru pagaatepape the government officer is coming so you all listen carefully to what he says
pagato hear, listen. v. pago ape listen for instructions gore agaa lakene napagea he doesn't listen to what he is told
pagalepayou all listen. v. ant: pagaatepa ; syn: pagalepape .
pagalepapeyou all listen now. v. syn: pagalepa .
pagasato hide some thing. v.
pagepange Salso ; and. adv.
pagen. 1sap. syn: ipaa 1 . 2milk. syn: ipaa 2 .
pagepange Salso ; and. adv.
page-pitaboo word for blood in Ribu ceremony. n.
pagiEhalf a pig. n.
pagi picoiled. ajp.
paginaneedge of. adj.
pagi-pi(palo-palo) alternate term for palo-palo banana. NounC.
pagoa variety of tree with edible nuts. n. gen: repena .
pago kiriti agaaa promise. ajp. syn: garulae-agaa .