West Kewa - English


-nunyu Ecollective marker.
-nu-nyu Efeminine name marker. n.
nu aaro tato join the knitted parts of a bag in the middle. v.
nu robesacollection of pearl shells. vp.
-nu/-nyufeminine name ending. clf.
nu-aipiworn on special occasions. NounC.
nu-ebothe ends of a net bag. NounC.
nugilanungula Sto prepare something. v. apo etare ekeraa yawaminaga manugila sa tomorrow we will mumu the food so get it ready syn: amupa 1 .
nukumaEused for dying string. n.
nu-laapua gift between affinal clans. n.
nu-laapu1bride price. NounC. syn: rupi . 2gift to dead sibling's wife. n.
nuli tato give advice. v. nuli ti aa a sage nipu nulitea he is giving advice
nu-maaedge of woven bag. NounC.
numahardwood with small leaves, reddish fruit at various times, reddish sap. n. gen: repena .
numadeday before yesterday. n. Numade niiame nere naadamade The day before yesterday we did not see you syn: numane ; syn: numanede .
numanetwo days prior. n. numanede ne no taonopara adawade tow days ago I saw you (down) in town syn: numade .
numanedetwo days ago. n. syn: numade .
nunu lanunyu Ev. 1to kiss. nogo naakinumi kunanare nunu loa teme the young people 'turn heads' and kiss 2to lick. niaana irikainu nimu raapara peme raburi ada ipua epaa nunu ta when our dogs go off to the bush and come back they lick us
nu-piria worn-out net bag. NounC.
nu-pitivictory leaf variety. NounC. gen: aapu .
nu-raakea device made from pandanus branches and used to weave net bags. NounC.
nu-ramanethe bottom part of a net bag. NounC.
nu-rudunet bag closing knot. NounC.
nu-wameaused by husband afterwards. NounC.