West Kewa - English


naare leSa watch worn on the wrist for telling time. n.
naare maadaato sunbake something. vp.
naare pabolasunset. ajp. wh: naare abua rikirane aina ; syn: su kaanu pia .
naare pabola pulainanaare pabalo pulaina Slate afternoon. ajp. syn: kiloko .
naare pena ipulainamorning time, while the sun is still coming up. vp. syn: ribaa-reko .
naare pereketa lainanaare pereketa pulaina Smid-afternoon. vp.
naare raato shine as the sun. v.
naare reSa watch, clock. n.
naare rikaanamidday. ajp. naare rikirane aya rabu kekapu waru pea In the middle of the day it is very hot syn: naare-paalu .
naare ruikaleoverhead sun. np.
naare-iniwatch ; clock. n.
naare-ini1clock time. NounC. Nimu eta nape naare ini meda nasa They didn't have time to eat. 2specific time. n. Ena tula pope naare ini meda nasa There was no opportunity to go for fish.
naareme adeasunburn. vt.
naare-paalunaare paalu Sbright overhead sun. [hence also approximately noon]. NounC. syn: naare rikaana .
naata peaprotruding jaw bone. ajp.
na-ayanot able. v. nina aapara aga eto loma puapulu pora pamuape naya because I have a splinter in my foot I am not able to walk about syn: aaede .
nanya Enot. v.
naWEto pain. v. agaa nala toothache uni nala aching bones robaa nala stomach ache nala pea piru extemsove soclemomg [aom no mamawa continuing pain
naWSv. 1to eat, drink. nina eta ora luabu nabalua I will eat all of my food nogo naaki adu pa nala aua a child still nursing 2to bite. irikaimi ni naa the dog bit me 3to chew. waa na chew the sugar cane 4to smoke, inhale. niri soko nalame omalo I am dying for a smoke
-na1evidence deduced. v. gode adaa aana neka madaare mena meda pua pogolana a pig has gone into that large stone hole saarina There is evidence you put it there 2poss. ***. 3his. ***.
-nanya E(dial. var. -ena) 3 person, SR. v.
-na-na E 1location marker. tepolona on the table 2on, location.
naban. 1number. Go aa nipu naba mapiraaya That man has been made an official 2a medal. namba sabae mamina clothes with mdeal on them
nabade eat completely. v.
nabawane kiaponumbeer one kiap. np.