West Kewa - English


baalet's the two of us go. v. Neme ni madaa baa-ae nalape Don't tell me that we should go saana ada wal baaipa ta he said, let's go back to the house
baakovictory leaf variety. n. gen: aapu .
baaliWSsibling of opposite sex. n.
baali adarewhite man's place. np. syn: Amerika .
baalina adare temeAustralia. [white man's place]. n.
baanelet's both go. v. maketepara eta kabapana baane ta he said let's the two of us go to the market
baanibali E(aina) sibling of opposite sex. n. mopo naakina baani abia sogo Mendi aanumi rumaarimide the men from Mendi have just married [bargained for] that boy's sister syn: aina ; syn: bali 2 ; syn: anya .
baasablood. n.
baWESlet's go. v.
-baprogress. v.
-baprogressive asp. v. irabalua I will continue to cook it
bae tato shout. v. neme ni madaa bae nalape don't shout at me
bailet's all of us go, probably shortened form of baina. v.
baibel tidaSBible stories. ajp.
baibel yasaWSBible songs. n.
bainalet's go (plural inclusive). p. no lotu adapara baina let's go to church syn: bana .
baipoloBible Church, or any small independent Protestant mission. n.
baisinoSplant variety. n.
bakaedible grass stalk variety. n. gen: padi .
baketea bucket. n. abiare neme ipa bakete madaa mada nali pae? can you fill up the wather bucket with today?
bakiraWESsoftwood tree variety with lots of sap; sap used to soften pig's hair so it will pull out easily. n. repena lai madaa sape yaere repena bakira ipaa mealema the stuff we put on the top of a drum is sap from the bakira tree gen: repena ; syn: wasa .
bakuabaasua Staboo name for the Raggiana male Bird of Paradise. n. syn: bara .
baku-rumaacore in pandanus. NounC. wh: aga .
balaamushroom variety. n. gen: yasa .
balesweet potato variety. n. gen: sapi .