West Kewa - English


ada-raamalowest board in doorway. NounC.
ada-raiplace where house was formerly located, now overgrown. NounC.
ada-revillage, home. NounC.
ada-repaaoutside log at entrance to men's house. NounC. syn: ukuma 1 .
adareteEhundred. adj.
adasaav. 1to look upwards. ni adasaarimi they found me 2to find something.
adasamushroom variety. n. gen: yasa .
adasaWEStaboo term for pig that is used during Ribu ceremony. n.
adasae aaa witness. ajp.
adatawaprotective bark over fireplace. n.
ada-ukunaada-kutyalu Ecorner of a house. NounC.
adawaahomesickness. n.
adawaaESto mourn. v.
adawe kone1homesickness. ajp. gen: kone . 2hope. np.
adethat. adj.
adeato understand. v. syn: makuaa ; syn: niminaa .
adedeWEknown information. v.
adepelewhen. adv.
adesato find. v. nipu adesali raburi ni makuano lape let me know when you find him
adi aapacat's cradle variety. ajp.
adiaaditya E(wake pata; runa) v. 1to tie securely. mena adia tie up the pig adiba to fasten completely aa meda balimi adia the white man has put him in jail syn: opea ; syn: runa 1 ; syn: poga ta 1 . 2to cover over. yai epea-ga yaapara adipa the rain is coming so put up your mat umbrella 3
adiaEhang by loop. v.
adipaadapa S(adapa) v. 1to put covering over the head, as an umbrella hat. yai epeaga yapara adipa the rain is coming so put your head umbrella on kimisu paina raguna adipa when you go on a journey put on a hat mogo aai yore nipu adipina with that banana leaf he puts it on (to shield from the rain) 2put on.
adipi sato cover over. vp.